Sushi with a Twist

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Spicy tuna sushi is one of my daughter’s favorite meals.  Well let’s be honest, she loves all sushi.  Since it was her graduation party thought it would be a nice treat. Fischer & Wieser Yo Soy la Sriracha Sauce has the same spicy flavoring as spicy tuna.  This made for a few less steps with all the same great taste.  Learning to roll sushi wasn’t a treat.  Just make sure you follow the guidelines for the wrappers and just keep trying. The tuna rolls were a hit.
1 lb frozen tuna thawed
½ cup sliced green onions
4 cups cooked sushi rice
3 sheets shishinori halved
Sesame seeds optional
½ cup of mayonnaise
 Fischer & Wieser Yo Soy la Sriracha Sauce to taste
Mix topping ingredients and set aside. Slice tuna in ¼ inch strips or it can be minced. Combine tuna, green onions, and Fischer & Wieser Yo Soy la Sriracha Sauce. Place approximately ⅔ cup of rice on the nori. Carefully flip over the wrapper so the rice will be on the outside when rolled (this can be omitted). Place a very thin row (approximately ⅛ c) of tuna mixture on one end of the wrapper and roll. Cut roll in half and each half in thirds. Drizzle topping across the top and serve.
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