Rice Crackers with Pork & Shrimp Peanut Sauce Dip

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1 pkg Puffed rice cracker or Uncooked dried puffed rice squares (See *Note 1)
1 cup Finely chopped Texas Gulf Shrimp
¼ cup Ground pork
¾ cup Diced white onion
2 tsp Chopped garlic
2 TBSP Cooking oil
1 cup Soup stock or water
Salt & Pepper to taste
Dried chili flakes (for heat, optional)
½ cup Chopped roasted peanut (optional)
¼ cup Diced green onion
¼ cup Cilantro leaves
1 jar Dr. Foo’s Kitchen Thai Peanut Coconut Sauce

(*Note 1: If you use uncooked puffed rice squares, fried them in peanut or rice oil at 180+ F until rice puffed fully to light golden brown color, remove from oil, rest on paper towels to cool to room temperature before serving)

PROCEDURE to make the dip

1. Heat oil in a medium sized pot, sauté chopped garlic and diced onion for few minutes
2. Add ground pork and chopped shrimp and stir with a wooden spatula to help breaking up big lumps of pork and shrimp, continue cooking until shrimp and pork are cooked
3. Add a jar of Dr. Foo’s Thai Peanut Coconut Sauce and stir in with mixture until the mixture is cooked and no big lumps of shrimp or pork exist
4. Add small amount of soup stock or water at a time to adjust the consistency of dip as needed, stir well and adjust with salt, pepper to taste
5. Scoop the dip into a small/medium serving bowl, sprinkle with little chili flakes, ground peanuts, and finally topped with green onion and cilantro leaves
6. To serve: scoop a small spoon of warm dip on the puffed rice cracker and enjoy!

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