Chicken Quesadillas with FoodTRK Knock U on Your Asphalt Sauce

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Prep Time: 10 minutes
Cook Time: 20 minutes

12 white corn tortillas
5 grilled or baked chicken breasts, sliced into thin slices
1 pound shredded Quesadilla cheese, or substitute Monterey Jack
1/2 cup Knock U on Your Asphalt Sauce
canola oil

Arrange tortilla with cheese, chicken, spoon on Knock U on Your Asphalt Sauce, and  more cheese then top with another tortilla. Heat a thin glaze of canola oil in a large skillet or flat griddle-grill. When oil is medium hot, cook the quesadillas until the cheese has melted and tortillas are slightly browned, turning once with a wide metal spatula. Smash the top of the tortilla to flatten slightly when turned.  Serve hot with more Knock U on Your Asphalt Sauce on the side. Serves 6.

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