A Gathering of Global Flavors

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Global flavors are all the rage and we have captured several of them in our fun and festive Food Trk Fusion line of sauces. Inspired by the Food Trk revolution, and the fun of taking cultural cuisine to the streets, this group of sauces is for the global adventurer in your life. If you know someone who loves to squeeze Sriracha sauce on everything, this is the gift for them! From Gochujang Unchained Glaze which is made with the Korean Gochujang pepper to Yo Soy La Sriracha Sauce, an exciting fusion of soy sauce and Mexican spices, these 5 sauces can top everything from hamburgers and hotdogs to tacos and Korean BBQ – you can’t go wrong! Each gift pack contains an “Inspiration Packet” with recipe cards, usage ideas and a personal message from Case and Mark.

Lager Than Life Mustard
Gochujang Unchained Glaze
Yo Soy La Sriracha Sauce
Dang 'Jang BBQ Sauce
¡Oh So Picoso! Chipotle Ketchup


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