Thai Sweet Garlic & Ginger Sauce

Item#: DFOO000004

When you taste this perfect blend of spicy and sweet, you’ll know exactly what to do with every eggroll, spring roll and summer roll you encounter from now on. All the tastes and textures of Asia cascade around you, yet you’ll emerge from the flavorful fray hungry for more. The sauce is also awesome as a glaze for chicken wings, a dip for grilled meat, seafood or tofu, or as a sauce for any Asian stir-fry seeking that crucial balance of sweet and sour. Thai noodle bowl, anyone?   


Serving Suggestions:

Dipping sauce for egg rolls, grilled meat, tofu & seafood. Finishing sauce for baked or grilled pork or chicken. Glaze fried or baked hot wings. Stir-fry sauce for sweet & sour chicken or shrimp. Add to Asian noodle bowls.


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