Thai Peanut Coconut Sauce

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You can’t get more Thai than this sauce of peanuts and coconut, the perfect condiment for pouring over or dipping bamboo skewers laden with chicken, pork or shrimp. You can also add a splash of Asian rice vinegar and instantly enjoy the ultimate chicken salad over crisp, fresh greens. With its flavorful split personality, this sauce delivers equal delight when tossed with pasta or spooned warm over chocolate or vanilla ice cream.


Serving Suggestions:

Traditional dipping sauce for Satay (or Sate’) skewers. Dipping sauce for grilled meat, tofu & veggies. Mix with splash of rice or red wine vinegar for Chinese noodle salad or as salad dressing. Use as Asian pasta sauce with grilled chicken and tomato.

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Out of Stock
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2018 Fiery Food Challenge
2nd Place Asian Condiments