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The bold flavor of sweet tart cherries combined with smokey Ancho chile peppers make a rich sauce that you can't get enough of! Perfect as an appetizer over goat or cream cheese, this sauce is excellent on protien as well. Enjoy!


Free from Gluten


Ingredients: Cherries, Lemon Juice, Pure Cane Sugar, Beet Sugar, Pectin Blend (sucrose, pectin, citric acid), Jalapeño Peppers (with vinegar and salt), Dried Cherries (with sunflower oil), Modified Tapioca Starch, Ancho Powder, Natural Smoke Flavor.

Out of Stock
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Serving Suggestions:

Dip: Meats & cheeses, appetizers
Grill: Thick-cut pork chops, ribs & chicken breasts
Mix with: Olive oil & red wine vinegar for a vinaigrette
Finish: Beef & pork tenderloin
Wine pairing: Medium-bodied, dry red wine