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Fischer & Wieser Fredericksburg Flavors

Recipes from the heart of the Texas Hill Country |  Item#: RM00001820
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Here is the remarkable story of Fischer & Wieser, today one of Fredericksburg's largest employers and one of the best-loved components in its busy tourism industry built upon hundreds of bed-and-breakfasts, restaurants from plain to fancy and a World War II museum named after its most famous son. These pages celebrate the big, bold and ever-changing array of Texas flavors that make Fischer & Wieser successful, starting with the brilliant idea of pairing roasted raspberries with a then-unknown dried-and-smoked chile pepper called chipotle.

More than 125 home-tested recipes, many from fans of the products and some from Fredericksburg's fine restaurants, emphasize just how quick and easy Mark and Case's sauces, marinades and toppings are to use.

Since that first breakthrough with raspberry and chipotle, favorite tastes like Tex-Mex and Italian and now Chinese, Thai and Indian flavors come out of the Fischer & Wieser test kitchen. As Case and Mark will tell anyone who'll listen, and as they have since Fischer & Wieser's beginnings as a company: Here in Texas, it's all about flavor. 

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