Big Bold Red Soppin' Sauce

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Soak up the flavor with Fischer & Wieser's Big Red Soppin' Sauce. This is a customer favorite that creates a taste as big as Texas, and makes dry, bland meat a thing of the past. Our unique blend of spices creates a versatile sauce that can be applied to any of your favorite meats whether grilling, broiling, or baking. Enjoy!

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Serving Suggestions

Baste: grilled chicken, ribs, pork, beef and wild game
Dip: steak or chicken fingers
Brush on: fresh salmon steaks on the grill
Mix in: hamburgers and meatloaf

Fischer & Wieser's Family Secrets

Soppin' sauce is a Texas term for a particular type of barbecue sauce that is added during the last five minutes of cooking so that the meat can "sop up" any liquid it may have lost during cooking.


3rd place
Soy Base - Consumer Ready
The Chile Pepper Fiery Food Challenge, 2010